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Ultra Protectant Tire Gloss Dressing - Spray On


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Ultra Protectant is ideal for your tires or trim and wheel wells, for the exterior of your vehicle to create a high deep shine.


before using any of our dressings you want to actually prepare the surface with 3D Yellow Degreaser. It's very easy. It comes in a spray bottle. What you are going to do is take and make sure you get a hundred percent coverage by spraying... 


Now if you get it on your rims...it's not a big deal.



It comes off very easy that's important because if you want a high-shine you don't wipe off your tires.  If you want a low shine, go ahead and wipe it down just for your UV protection you'll get the silicon to penetrate and condition the plastic and rubber


but otherwise high shine, go ahead leave it even know though it has a milky finished to it. Over time it'll sit and it will give you that nice deep shine.  So we'll come back in just a few minutes, by the time you're done doing the rest of the vehicle this will be ready for you to drive away.


We already cleaned it with 3D’s Grand slam that's very easy when do with the Airblaster instead of any pressure washer any extra tools like that. We do this completely water-lessly. first thing you want to do it's take 3D ultra protectant and spread it evenly over the plastics and rubbers in the engine now just make sure you get it nice and even over all of the plastics. take your blaster and help to evenly spread it over the vehicle on the engine surface and all the plastic and rubbers.just kinda force it down into the nooks and crannys those nooks and crannies that are hard to reach so that you have to worry about cutting your hands and making your job a lot easier. have two options you want more of a shine. leave it there close the engine come back at the end of your washing your vehicle and then go ahead give a quick wipe down for those of you that want a little bit duller surface finish just go ahead and wipe down all the excess making sure you get a place into any of the plastics that you might have missed while spraying it or spreading it around remember to be careful while you're doing this engines do have a lot of sharp pieces and you don't want to go ahead and give yourself a nice little cut remminding yoevery time when you do the engine.


Now the ultra protectant also provides a coating in here that helps protect you from having any dust collecting on here also its water soluble so it's safe to be used in the engines where as some of your solvent-based protectants we would highly recommend you not using the engine bay with a solvent with all the ignition possibilities and everything that goes on with the interior of your vehicle and your engine. so now we have taken and quickly protected the vehicle. Thank you for checking out this segment on how to use ultra protectant on an engine to increase the value of the vehicle by creating lustrous shine and a brand new look to your engine.

  • Tire Dressing Product Ultra Protectant
  • Water based dressing
  • Long-Lasting high gloss shine on tires.
  • Protects and beautifies.


Spray On Formula

Are you looking for ultimate long lasting & high shining tire dressing? If you are not comfortable with thick dressings, then try 3D Ultra Protectant water based tire dressing, which is a spray on formula that any car detailer will love. It will give your car tires the same long-lasting high gloss that its thicker counterpart, Ultra Protectant Thick, has to offer, but in a sprayable form.

Ultra Protectant is the highest shining & longest lasting dressing that 3D has ever offered. This water based dressing is made with the highest grade silicone and is blended into a super micro emulsion that spreads easily onto your tires and lasts an extremely long time. You’ll be surprised to know that there is no greasy or sticky residue as a result of this advanced technology.

Another unique feature of Ultra Protectant spray is that it’s 100% biodegradable & CFC free which means that no harmful solvents are used in this product. Please rest assured that by using this amazing protectant you’ll not only be doing your car a favor, but the environment too.

For best results, you’ll want to make sure the tires are as clean as possible. This way 3D Ultra Protectant will have an easier time bonding to the tire. Simply clean your tires with a high quality cleaner like 3D Yellow Degreaser or 3D Orange Citrus Degreaser and that’s all that is needed. After cleaning, just spray a mist of Ultra Protectant on your car tire, then wipe off any overspray to give your car tires the long-lasting gloss that you have always wanted. You can even apply multiple coats if you’re after an even greater shine.

Features and Advantages of a Water Based Dressing

**Dressings are applied to tires to give them that shiny and new look as though the car just came out of the showroom. While all dressings used to be solvent-based, it was discovered that they caused harm to both the car and to the environment. In fact, it is the solvent-based dressings back in the day that gave wheel dressings its bad reputation for damaging tires (dry rot) and ruining the paint on cars
( sling stains).

**Water based dressings are usually white in appearance and do not contain petroleum distillates that can harm both your tires and paint finishes of your vehicle in the event sling were to occur. Natural oils and polymers make up 3D Ultra Protectant, which when applied, forms a long lasting high gloss barrier. In order to achieve an evenly glossy appearance, multiple layers should be applied to the tires.

**Another environmentally-friendly feature of water-based dressings is the fact that they are biodegradable, unlike other products on the market which tend to be fueled by harmful solvents that end up not only destroying the environment, but your expensive tires too.

**What's great about water based dressing is that its application is not limited to just the tires; this protectant can also be applied to vinyl, rubber bumpers, plastic cladding, door seals, and trimmings
to improve their appearance as well. Also, since this product is not sticky, it does not attract dust and grime, so the attractive appearance is maintained for a long time.

**Because the dressing is relatively thin and non-greasy, it is very easy to apply and can be used straight from the bottle. No need to dilute.


Ultra Protectant MSDS Sheet

706 - Ultra Protectant MSDS Sheet

* This MSDS Sheet is in .pdf format. Please download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. You can also right-click and 'save as' to save it.

Clean tires with your choice of 3D Yellow Degreaser, Orange Citrus Cleaner or All Purpose Cleaner. Once dry, spray a healthy portion of Ultra Protectant directly onto tires. Allow to soak in, then reapply as needed. Simply wipe any unwanted residue with a microfiber cloth. Repeat as necessary.

Pro Detailer Tip: Immediately after final rinsing your vehicle, dry the tires 1 st. Once dry, generously mist your tires & wheel wells with 3D Ultra Protectant. Then proceed to dry your car. This will eliminate any airborne particles from landing on your car leaving those pesky streaks when wiped over.