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Body shops would probably have the most experience in terms of the variations of factory paint, contour of the body and how the paint finish quality sums it all up. That’s why we’ve created a body shop-safe line and these videos to share our knowledge and experience in using them.

AAT Correction Glaze

The AAT Correction Glaze is a corrective glaze that is intended to remove light to moderate scratches as well as bring a high gloss to the car’s surface. This product contains montan wax and will provide protection to your car’s surface. The AAT Correction Glaze works on both fresh and cured paints.

AAT Cutting Compound & AAT Finishing Polish

The AAT Cutting Compound and AAT Finishing Compound work together to create a flawless finish to your car’s paint. The AAT Cutting Compound delivers fast and effective paint correction and the AAT Finishing Polish removes light scratches, swirl marks, and holograms.

Dual Action Polisher

The Dual Action Polisher is an orbital polisher that works well to remove paint defects, swirl marks, water spots, overspray, and oxidation. This polisher’s orbital motion reduces heat caused by friction which reduces the chance of burning the paint and removing the clear coat.

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