3D Nano Pad – Clay Bar Alternative


HD Nano Pad – Clay Bar Alternative

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The HD NANO pad is an alternative to a clay bar for removing surface contamination from the finish.


You can’t beat this thing for removing oxidation on the surface finish. Unlike a clay bar, The HD Nano Pad can be cleaned by simply rinsing off the accumulated contamination with water.


If you drop the pad on the ground, no worries. Just rinse with the Nanopad and it is ready to use again. Attaches to any velcro 6″ or smaller backing plate for your dual action polisher or air sander.


This HD NANO pad will last longer than a clay bar.  It is so much easier to use than a clay bar or NANO PREP TOWEL.  It leaves a clean surface that is ready for deeper correction or wax protection.  Be sure to use our SPRAY DETAILER or FINAL TOUCH as a clay lubricant when using this pad on your finish.