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As a Professional Detailer, staying as up-to-date as possible on the latest products, procedures, and techniques available is part of the job if you want to stay relevant in the industry. Check out our library of top videos to keep up on our newest technique and product tutorials.


HD Poxy is a combined car sealant and wax. This product contains Montan Wax and creates a lasting shine while protecting your car’s surface. HS Poxy works well on all car colors, especially black or dark colored paints.

HD Cut+

HD Cut+ is a non-diminishing compound that will help to level fine scratches in your car’s paint. This product contains no wax or fillers and works best if used with rotary, dual action or forced rotation polisher, wool or foam cutting pads.

Orange Degreaser

Orange Degreaser is an interior and exterior cleaner and degreaser. This product is made from organic materials and will remove stains, grease, oil, dirt, and odors. Orange Degreaser is safe for automotive, janitorial, and home use.

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